Popularity of the car window tinting

Automotive films appreciated until recently mainly in the U.S.A. are becoming increasingly more popular not only among tuning fans. Our films definitely improve the look of the car, reduce UV radiation by up to 99% and prevent from getting the sunlight to the interior of the vehicle up to 76%, which means that in the summer it does not heat up and in the winter does not reflect the heat so quickly.

We have films in different widths; 0,51m; 0,76m; 1,01m; 1,524m and in a different light transmission. Many customers choose to darken windows to improve driving comfort for their small passengers.

Automotive window films have many advantages, including: make it difficult for curious people to look to the interior of the car, reduce harmful UV rays (up to 99%), reflect heat (up to 76%), protect from sunlight, making the ride becomes more enjoyable, while night driving you do not get dazzle from cars following you, by possible breaking the glass protect against splinters of cutting glass and provide a good protection against intrusions, improve the look of the car.