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some gentle facts about us

Customer satisfaction is our motivation to work and triggers in us the desire to improve on what we do, because the pleasure of working makes perfection our target.

The existence of the company started the passion. Almost twenty years ago, Andrzej Laskowski started in Germany – now the runner-up in the World and two-time European Champion in the field of darkening windows. With knowledge gained there, based on technologies used by German tuning companies, he returned to Poland. That’s how the Laskowski Tuning company was created.

Until recently, you could do a complete car tuning in our company. Despite the fact that you can still get some tuning accessories from us, today we mainly deal with the sale and distribution of film as well as tinted windows, not only in cars, but also in buildings, boats, yachts and planes. We provide our services in Poland as well as throughout Europe. As a representative of THB-Technic House Berlin GmbH in Poland since 2004, we are the only and direct distributor of IQ-Windowfilm film in Poland.

We sell and assemble xenon, which were mounted in the past only in exclusive, high-class cars. In addition, we are an authorized workshop installing and servicing LPG installations of renowned companies, such as Auto-Gaz Center, BRC or STAG.

… a few years ago, also with a great passion, another branch of our company’s activity was created – sales and service of motorboat equipment. Fascinated by boats, the owner of the company decided to enter new services:

comprehensive repairs of motorboats,

service of stationary and outboard engines,

retrofitting the interior of the boat.

We also help in registering in the Polski Zwiazek Motorowodny i Narciarstwa Wodnego (Motorboat and Water Skiing Association) and in organizing a course for a Powerboat Steamer.

We know that boat transport is quite problematic, which is why we offer boat pickup from the customer and delivery after the order.
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We only use high-class Best-Windowfilm and IQ-Windowfilm for windows tinting, having both the German KBA and ABG’s certificates and certificates approved by the Polish Institute of Glass and Ceramics in Cracow, the Building Research Institute, the Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw and from year 2010 Institute of Glass and Construction Materials in Cracow. Certificates are issued either by tinting windows in cars or buildings. All of our films meet Polish and European standards and are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


some gentle facts about us

As a direct importer of Best-Windowfilm and distributor of IQ-Windowfilm we are able to negotiate attractive prices. We sell wholesale and retail. Our offer gives real alternative to other manufacturers who are competing on a broad market of films.

Our offer for film installation is directed to all car showrooms, architects, interior designers, construction companies and glazing companies. Companies and individuals involved in the windows tinting and film installation in cars or buildings are encouraged to buy films offered by our company. We guarantee that after installation of our films you will not want to return to the others.

We are looking for individuals or companies from all over willing to work with us. We give free of charge trainings, we help the beginners and supply all needed films and accessories.

To co-operate with us a business establishment confirmation (for companies and self-employed individuals) need to be presented. We offer attractive wholesale prices and discounts on our entire product range. We have a wide range of products for our retail customers, from which we don’t require any documents while purchasing. Customers constantly co-operating with us can count on the discount.

There is also possibility to import goods on special order, even if they don’t occur in our permanent offer. We invite everyone interested in our offer to co-operation.


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