Window tinting films

In the past, the availability of window tinting films was very limited. Today the range of possibilities is huge.

What distinguishes our films?

The IQ-Window films offered by us are characterized above all by high quality and durability. They even have a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. We know from our own experience that its service life is much longer. Our films do not lose color after one, two or even five seasons. However, it is worth remembering that a delicate loss of color is a natural turn of events, especially in cars that often remain under the influence of solar radiation. However, this should not happen drastically and soon after assembly.

Shading films come in various degrees of light transmission, usually they are: 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 70%.

The film with an index of 5% of light transmission is the “”darkest”” film, the highest degree of discretion and protection of the car interior, the 35% or 70% film is the “”brightest”” film giving the effect of slightly tinted windows.

We offer a choice of metalized, slightly metallized and non-metallized films. All our films reflect more than 98% of UV rays and are heat-shrinkable, which means that we can adjust it to the shape of the glass under the proper temperature.

You can download our films catalogue in pdf.