Architectural films

Architectural films are designed to increase the aesthetic value of a building or room and increase its level of security.

That is why in our offer you can find decorative and protective films. All architectural films are in the dimensions of 1.524 x 30.5 m. We also have the option of selling smaller fragments.


Installation of decorative film is to change both external and internal appearance of the building and premises. They are mainly used in hospitals, offices (partitions), doctors’ offices, banks, indoor VIP- on the glass doors. Provide privacy, preventing access to premises, and yet ensure good daylight transmittance while reducing the UV radiation.

Among the decorative films very popular is mat film, which gives the effect of “”frosted glass””.


Protective films increase the safety of people, property and protect against harmful radiation. Even after being hit by a heavy object, the glass remains in one piece, preventing the potential perpetrator from getting inside.

You can choose from a wide range of anti-burglary films of various thickness, from 50 to even 300 microns and anti-grafitti films with a thickness of 100 to 200 microns.


Solar window films effectively protect the interior of the building from excessive heating. In the winter they keep the heat inside longer. The film imitates the mirror, thanks to which it is also an effective protection against inquisitive people.

We have films for applying awindows on the inside and outside. We invite you to get acquainted with the on-line catalog.