Changing car paint

“Changing the color of the car is a good alternative to traditional painting. It gives a spectacular, lasting effect, in a relatively quick time, and most importantly – the ability to returning the original body. By saying “”changing the color of the car”” we also mean changes in individual elements, such as mask, roof, boot lid, slats and many more elements.

Appropriately selected structures can effectively refresh the appearance of the car and give it an individual character. Wrapping with external film. We offer a wide range of films to change the color of the vehicle in various variants, primarily:

  • Gloss
  • Matte color
  • Carbon
  • Chrome

We also import custom-made films with a specific color scheme and design. Wrapping with external film gives a lasting effect. Our films are only high quality, resistant to weather conditions, additionally we provide a two year warranty.”


Color change with synthetic rubbery is similar to varnishing the car body, because it is applied by spraying. However, it has the characteristics of a traditional film, which means that at any time we can return to the previous appearance of the car. Changing the color with this method gives us great opportunities, because we have a wide range of colors. We carry out painting in a matte and glossy version.