LPG Assembly

The assembly of LPG installations is a huge advantage for every owner of a car fueled with petrol. It can reduce travel costs by up to 50%, therefore the cost related to the establishment of LPG is relatively quick. There are myths about the negative impact of LPG installations on the engine. It is alleged that “”gas”” reduces engine power, affects its faster wear and that the LPG installation is dangerous and in most cases it is the reason for the fire in the car.

All this are lies provided that the components are properly matched to the engine parameters, the installation is of very good quality and the assembly was made by professionals. It is also important to use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and timely inspections and authorized service.

That is why in our company you can install LPG installation only from well-known and qualified producers, such as Auto – Gaz Center, STAG and BRC. We work only on high-quality components that we adjust to the technical data of the vehicle. We also carry out periodic inspections of installations of the above mentioned brands and we make all repairs, we also exchange gas tanks for new ones.